Pediatric Chiropractic

Have you ever asked yourself why an infant or child would need chiropractic care?

How many aches, pains, disorders, or other problems in your body have you had up to this point in your life?

What if I told you that some of those issues could have manifested from a misalignment that you acquired at birth?

We commonly find misalignment of the first spinal segment (C1) in newborn babies due to the trauma of the birthing process. This is detrimental because this bone sits at the base of the brain where every single nerve impulse travels through.

There are many signs your baby may need a gentle chiropractic adjustment:

•Head seems to tilt to one side

•Favors turning to one side over the other for feeding or lying down

•Colicky or hard to soothe



•Ear infections

•Difficulty latching

•Avoiding eye contact

•Not sleeping soundly

There are many other signs that a baby needs adjusted and parents know their child best and know better than anyone when something is “not right”. We encourage you to follow your instinct if you feel this way and have them checked out. It could make the biggest difference in their future.