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Why I Chose the Name 'Unbridled Spirit'

'Unbridled Spirit' is a phrase I heard my entire life growing up in Kentucky. It's on our license plates, tops of websites, on road signs and maps. I saw and heard this so much throughout my life that I became numb to it. I didn't consider its meaning because it was a catch phrase to me. I didn't truly comprehend the meaning until I started to think about a name for my practice. If you don't know, a bridle is the harness they use to control a horse while riding it. To unbridle a horse is to set it free. So what do I mean by Unbridle your Spirit?

The name of my practice was very important for me to get 'right'. Chiropractic to me is not what Chiropractic is to most. Let's just say, you can't find what I do on Youtube. And if you did, it wouldn't be the exciting firecracker show full of endorphins and adrenaline that you're used to when you watch chiropractic on Youtube. What I do is specific to each patient. I recognize exactly what their body is telling me so that I can introduce the smallest force possible to influence their system to reorganize and reset. The intricacies of the spinal column are so delicate and I find it incredibly important to be gentle with the spine and nervous system. When the exact force that the body requires is introduced in the correct time, the body will accept it.

There is only one goal of a chiropractic adjustment in my eyes and that is to relieve interference from the nervous system. Every bit of information that travels from your brain to your body travels through your spine. In essence, your central nervous system is You. Or more accurately, the information that travels through your central nervous system is You. We give names to this. Mind, brain, consciousness, awareness, ego, soul, and my personal favorite, Spirit. When I approach the person on my table, the goal is simple: Unbridle their Spirit.

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