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What Makes Us Different

Upper Cervical X-Ray Series

At Unbridled Spirit, specificity is extremely important. We see many patients that some techniques of chiropractic did not help their issue. We most often find in these cases that the patient has a difficult misalignment that cannot be found without the specific type of x-ray analysis our doctors have been trained to utilize.

The top bones of your neck can tilt up or down, slide left or right, and rotate forward or backward. We take multiple different views of the top few bones of the neck to see exact positioning and exact vector for correction. Within these views, our doctors analyze the degree of tilt up/down, how many millimeters the bone has slipped left or right, and how many degrees it has rotated forward or backward. We then use these measurements to achieve an exact correction of the misalignment.

State of the Art Thermography

All doctors at Unbridled Spirit are trained and certified to perform and analyze thermographic scans on patients of all ages.

The bones of your spine are made to move in various ranges of motion. A bone out of "normal" placement is not necessarily impacting the system in a negative way. We find it important to avoid unnecessary forces into the spine and only adjust areas that are causing neurological dysfunction. We are of a small percentage of chiropractors that utilize thermography scans before and after every adjustment to show each patient the impact of their adjustment. We want you to be involved in your care and understand every step of healing.

Upper Cervical and Tonal Chiropractic Techniques

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Nervous System Based Chiropractic

Your spine is protecting part of the most important system in your body, your Central Nervous System (CNS)—brain and spinal cord. The organs of your CNS are the only organs of your body completely encased in bone. Must be pretty important, right?  

Your Central Nervous System controls every move you make, everything you sense or feel, your ability to relate to the outside world, your body chemistry, immune system, and controls and regulates all body systems such as digestion, breathing, circulation, etc. 

If one of the bones in your spine moves out of alignment, the ability of your CNS to relay information to your body becomes compromised. At Unbridled Spirit Healing Center and other Nervous System Centered practices, the goal is to make sure you live with a fully functioning nervous system, fully expressing LIFE. 

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