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"Dr. Alexis and Dr. Blaise are truly amazing professionals, chiropractors, and overall humans. I couldn't possibly be more glad that I finally made the jump and switched up my chiropractic care earlier this year. As a chronic neck pain sufferer over the last several years, I was first drawn to this practice due to Dr. Blaise's upper cervical specialty and can truly say I have been mostly pain free since beginning treatment. Just a couple months after beginning care I found out I was pregnant with our first child. How wonderful it was to have Dr. Alexis with her pediatric and perinatal care specialties already at the practice and actively taking care of me as well!! I truly cannot say enough good things about the level of care at Unbridled Spirit. They treat the whole human and their approach to chiropractic is gentle, minimalistic, and effective! They help your body find the way to self-healing. Thank you Dr. Alexis and Dr. Blaise for the amazing work you do!"
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